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The Gospel of Jesus Christ has existed in India for almost 2000 years. It is widely known that Thomas, Jesus’ doubting disciple made it to India early on in the first century AD. He shared the gospel widely and even died on the soil of India. But today almost 2000 years later still less that 2% of the population profess faith in Jesus. Why? What obstacles have there been to the Gospel? Of those that do accept the Lord in India today a large majority are from the lower castes. Why do the upper and educated castes continue to be resistant to the gospel?

It is in search of answers to these questions that the Journey of Friends Network India began. From reading Biblical accounts of the early church brining the gospel into new cultures, to learning from the lives of forerunners of contextual ministry to Hindus of the past two centuries and as we sought The Lord we began to uncover clues and keys that would send us on a new path.

Now it is our joy and goal to see Hindu people come to faith in Jesus, becoming His committed disciples, while retaining much of their cultural, community and family identity. The obstacles of western culture, imperialism, community change and extrabiblical traditional Christian forms are put off to the side and Jesus alone remains the single stumbling block over which Hindus must pass to enter into His Kingdom.

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A Call to Be Narrow and Broad

Who are we? Sometimes we need to be reminded. Keeping our vision and values in front of us is an excellent way to do that. The following is the second part of a blog series about our Friends Network Vision and Values. The second part of our Friends Network Vision Statement includes a training statement […]

From the voices of History:

“All I had then been given to understand was that to be a Christian
was to have a brandy bottle in one hand and beef in the other. The Sermon
on the Mount, however, falsified the impression. I saw that the Sermon on the Mount was the whole of Christianity. It is that Sermon which has endeared Jesus to me.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

“The Indian is making an amazing discovery, namely that Christianity and Jesus are not the same – that they may have Jesus without the system that has been built up around Him in the West.

-E. Stanley Jones

“I realized after reading the fourth chapter of St. John’s Gospel, that Christ was truly the Divine Saviour he claimed to be, and no one but He could transform and uplift the downtrodden women of India. … Thus my heart was drawn to… Christ.”

-Pandita Ramabai

“Hinduism has been digging channels, Christ is the water to flow through these channels. …the fullest light is from Jesus Christ.”

-Sadhu Sundar Singh