What is YWAM Friends Network?

As The Friends Network, our goal it is to start movements of Jesus-followers within the the whole spectrum of Unreached Hindu People Groups. We believe these movements should be culturally relevant while remaining faithful to the teachings of Jesus. We seek to see Disciple Making Movements that are self-sustaining and self-replicating. To complete this goal, we have also set out to share with others the principles we have learned while working contextually among Hindus. If you are interested in learning and serving with us on the cutting edge of frontier missions among Hindus check out the mission opportunity page!

Friends Network Vision Statement

Purpose Statement

In Friends Network, our goal it is to start Yeshu Bhakta movements inside Hindu culture and Hindu communities. These movements should grow by themselves without outside help. To complete this goal, we will share about this Hindu work to others, we will train people for this Hindu work, and we will establish Hindu ministries in India and beyond India.

Friends Network Values

Have a Close Relationship with our Guru

In Friends Network, our greatest principle is that we should be close friends and Bhaktas of Sadguru Yeshu. We should be fully committed to Him. We want His love to shine through everything we do in Friends Network. We want all people to give glory to His name. Before we can do contextualization work, we must have a close relationship with Sadguru Yeshu. We want to follow this principle and we should teach this principle to other people.

Remain in Hindu Culture & Community

In Friends Network, we fully accept that new believers can remain Hindu. They can keep their Hindu culture and stay in Hindu society. This principle is the foundation for contextualization, and we commit to share this principle with other people. New believers will be encouraged when they understand that they can stay in Hindu culture and Hindu community and they do not need to become ‘Christians’. In India, ‘conversion’ means to change your social community and identity. This kind of conversion does not follow God’s Word. In Friends Network, our goal is a heart change. Our goal is for people to be devoted to Sadguru Yeshu, but they should stay in their own Hindu community.

Biblical Discipleship

God’s Word must be the foundation of contextualization. In Friends Network, we commit to follow God’s Word (Yeshugranth) and to understand its context. We commit to teach all the Friends Network staff and Yeshu Bhaktas also. Understanding and following God’s Word is a process. First we must obey Sadguru’s basic commands. Then we must understand the Yeshugranth’s original cultural context. Finally, we must share God’s Word so that is it clear in the Hindu context. Through all of this, our goal is to see Yeshu Bhaktas and their families grow in the Lord in satsangs. From this we will start seeing Hindu Yeshu Bhakta movements.

Giving New Meaning to Hindu Signs and Symbols

In Friends Network, we will use signs and symbols from Hindu culture. We will develop ways that they can be used for devotion. Hindu signs and symbols include music, traditions, devotions, customs and culture. We will develop stories, songs and rituals. We will give new meanings to these signs and symbols. This will help the Yeshu Bhakta go deeper in faith.

Visible Faith in Society

In Friends Network our goal is not to hide or teach others to hide their faith in Satguru Yeshu. Our faith in Satguru Yeshu should be clearly visible in everything we do. We encourage Bhaktas to share their faith boldly, while retaining their Hindu culture and identity. We believe that by living according to the teachings of Sadguru Yeshu in their own family and community, Yeshu Bhaktas can transform their society.

Unity in Diversity

In Friends Network, we should encourage new Yeshu Bhaktas to love other people who follow the Lord even though they follow the Him in a different way. New Yeshu Bhaktas should understand that they are part of the Lord’s worldwide fellowship. However, they should also understand that they should keep their own Hindu identity. This is a valuable and beautiful identity.


In Friends Network, we understand that Hindu contextualization can be confusing for many people. For this reason, we commit to studying and following God’s Word. We will meet with others who do Hindu contextual ministry. And we will stay accountable to our leaders in YWAM-FM. We want to have humble hearts. If there are any concerns about how we do ministry in Friends Network, then we want to pray for and settle these concerns in a proper way.


In Friends Network, we see that the Kingdom of God is spread all over the world and Yeshu has followers from many different cultures. We want to encourage and serve this worldwide fellowship.  In Friends Network we do not want to have spiritual pride. We do not have a proud attitude toward other ministries. We accept and bless all ministries that want to serve Sadguru Yeshu with all of their hearts.