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Is Vision Sacred?

The movement that we are a part of was founded on the principle of hearing and responding to God’s voice. This is in part the reason that we have spread so broadly across the earth and been involved in such a wide range of kingdom work. But have we somehow put too much emphasis on […]

Hindu Followers of Jesus?

Early on in my journey to share the Gospel with unreached people groups in South Asia, I was introduced to the concept of Hindu followers of Jesus. For me it was difficult to reconcile the two. How could one truly be a disciple of Christ while remaining a Hindu? Wouldn’t the two be contradictory?  I initially […]

An Old Beginning

Since the creation of the Friends Network website we have always had a desire to have a blog. A blog means regular communication with visitors to our website, those interested in contextual ministry among Hindus, with you the reader. As much as possible we want to interact with you and share our insights, stories and […]