Option 1:
February 5th – 20th 2020

Option 2:
September 4th – 18th 2020

Travelling to five Locations across North India

2 Weeks

Estimated Cost:
$500 for travel in India, food and lodging.
Not including travel to India which the participants are responsible for arranging themselves. 

SHS Fast Track:
After attending the exposure trip take the next step in your journey to work long-term in India by attending the School of Hindu Studies! Frontier Exposure Trip participants will be fast tracked to the SHS and will receive a special discount for the school when they sign up at the end of the trip.
If you come on the second trip you can stay after and start right into the SHS!

Frontier Exposure Trip

Do you want to experience all God has for you? Do you feel a stirring in your heart for India but just don’t know how to get started?

Then the Friends Networks Frontier Exposure Trip is right for you! Travel with a small group of like-minded friends on the adventure of a lifetime through modern cities to the foothills of the Himalayans to the ancient religious center of Hinduism. Experience India, culture, life, food, music your faith and yourself in an entirely new way. Hear stories of struggle and faith as you interact with leaders, pioneers, field workers and new believers one-on-one.

Get exposure to the cutting-edge work Friends Network is doing among Hindus and receive a few sessions of our specialized training. Learn about Hindu Worldview, Hindi Language Skills and Contextualization.

Discover the breadth of possibilities for using your skills and talents in this nation. Allow yourself to dream of what your life could be like here and get specially tailored options for working in India in the future.

Come join us on one of the trips!

The Trip Will Include

  • Travel: to five distinct locations across India, visiting with 4 Friends Network field teams who are working in some of the most unreached regions in the world.
  • Learn: what it takes to live and serve Hindus cross-culturally in a pioneering setting.
  • Experience: by getting face to face access to current people group movements happening among Hindus.
  • Challenge: yourself and test your limits to see if long-term fieldwork is right for you.
  • Interact: with experienced leaders, field team members, with new believers from the field and with the unreached and hear their stories.
  • Relationship: with leaders. We want to invest in you as you pursue all God has for you life. That’s why we provide one-on-one guidance and mentoring for you after the trip to help you get to where you want to be.

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