Friends Network Gujarat

There are currently two Friends Network teams working in Gujarat. Although they are in different locations their heart and desire to see a contextualised expression of the Kingdom of God is the same. Their ultimate goal is to see vibrant, culturally relevant and locally led movements of house churches established among Hindu peoples.  One group is just beginning to pioneer in a small city among several different unreached Hindu communities while the other is focussed on working among a specific unreached tribal community.

There is a great need among the unreached in Gujarat. The teams there need more full-time staff members and short-term volunteers. Here are some ways to get involved:

Short-Term Opportunities

We believe short-term outreach teams can play an important role in partnering with long-term workers in bringing transformation to an area. We are committed to hosting teams who want to invest 2-3 weeks in prayer, worship and intercession to lay the foundation for spiritual breakthrough. The tours involve times of prayer and worship, prayer walking, visiting different Hindu pilgrimage locations and lots of chance to interact with the culture of Gujarat. We have also had groups give lectures in a local MBA college and lead English sessions in a local school.

Long-Term Opportunities

There are around 60 million people in Gujarat and at this point we only have two Friends Network teams in the whole state so there are many, many long-term opportunities! If you are willing to come and pioneer new works or you would like to work alongside the existing teams here there’s room for you! As Friends Network teams we try to communicate the gospel in a contextualised way so that it makes sense to Hindus and allows them to remain in their birth community and in relationship with those around them leading to long term multiplication. Some of the long-term ministry opportunities are:

  • To be involved with the prayer tour ministry with a focus on facilitating worship and intercession.
  • To join one of the existing Church Planting teams working among Hindus – either city people or tribals. Come to grow in and use your evangelism and discipleship skills.
  • To be involved in community development with the team working among the tribal community and pioneer projects in health-care, income generation, education or literacy.
  • To work alongside an existing team while being coached and trained with the skills needed to pioneer a new ministry built around teaching English to the growing middle classes.
  • To come as a learner and be a part of the Gujarati Language and Culture Internship. Learn to speak the language so you can communicate the language effectively – all while being involved in ministry to Hindus and working alongside these existing teams.

Contact us to serve in Gujarat:

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