September 21st to December 11th 2020

North India (contact for more details)

3 Months

Bilingual – Hindi & English

$1500 for 1st world students. Discounts provided for students from 2nd/3rd world. Ask for more details.

Optional Internship:
One year placement in an existing Friends Network Team or new pioneering location which will include language learning, mentoring and followup training.

People from organizations other than YWAM who are working contextually among Hindus are also welcome to come and take part in the SHS training.

Special Pioneering Focus

This SHS is going to be one of a kind. This upcoming school will have a special pioneering focus. We will be working with some of the staff and students to actively place them in several strategic locations across India with the goal of establishing new Friends Network teams in those places. You will have the option of joining those teams or joining already existing teams. We are going to provide one-on-one support, mentoring and training for those who will be involved in pioneering new locations. Come and be a part of starting something amazing!

School of Hindu Studies

Do you have a heart for India and Hindus? Then the School of Hindu Studies is right for you! The SHS enables you to effectively communicate the Good News within Hindu communities. You will become a part of a growing movement which is seeing Hindus follow Jesus Christ exclusively while remaining socially and culturally Hindu, living as lights for Him in their own families.

The SHS gives you the tools and skills you need to contribute to these movements of Christ-centered communities which are springing up among unreached Hindu people groups and even to begin them yourself.

Do you want to change the world? Use your unique gifts and talents to impact Hindus for Christ. Be a part of a global effort to present the Gospel to Hindus using Biblical Contextualization. Interact with The Bible, language, the arts, media, technology and with Hindu people who deserve to experience the Love of Jesus. Get involved in the cutting-edge work that is happening in Friends Network. Join the School of Hindu Studies and the work of Friends Network!

School Topics Include

  • Understanding Hindu Worldview and Society: Learn what Hindus believe and understand how their society functions
  • Contextual Fellowship Establishment: Creating Jesus centered groups within Hindu society
  • Indian Worship and Music Styles: Learn indigenous music and instruments, worship Jesus in a Hindu style
  • Biblical Storytelling: Share the gospel in a simple yet impacting way through Bible storytelling
  • Sharing Good News with Hindus: Tell Hindus about your love for Jesus in a way that will draw them in instead of pushing them away
  • Biblical Basis for Contextualization: What does the Bible teach about people from other communities following Jesus? What do we learn from the Biblical text about the ways in which the gospel was communicated to people of different cultures?

Request Information and/or Application for SHS

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