Varanasi: The City of Light

Our purpose in this city is to be salt and light for the Hindu people, to plant and water with tears, sweat and love so that from the soil of Hindu communities God may grow house fellowship movements led by local heads of households who are guided by His Spirit.

Staff Opportunities in Varanasi

There are two unique departments which come under the network of Friends Network South Varanasi. Read about each below and contact them.

Training Language and Coaching (TLC)

The TLC department runs and facilitates the School of Frontier Missions (SOFM) and subsequent internships. It also includes the Language and Culture Program which allows students to learn Hindi immersively while pursuing local ministry. The TLC department also is involved in planting local house fellowships.

List of Opportunities

  • Hindi Language Learner
  • School of Frontier Missions Staff / Student
  • Local Church Planter

Find out more about TLC:

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Friends Network Multiplication Mobilization & Pioneering (M3P)

The M3P group’s goal is to further grow and multiply the work of Friends Network. The group is involved in local ministry and provides the opportunity to learn and grow in the Friends Network Internship while working directly with the leaders of Friends Network. The M3P group also has a heart for pioneering and works to train new workers and help get them to existing or new locations on the field while staying connected to the greater Friends Network family.

The M3P Group runs the Hindu Ministry Seminar, The Friends Network Internship and the Hindi Intensive.

The M3P group is run by the leaders of Friends Network and is currently based out of Varanasi, India. As such new staff could assist and come alongside the leaders and help in the areas of Member Care, visiting Friends Network locations across India and in creating and being involved in various media projects such as evangelistic films, apps and website outreaches.

List of Opportunities

    • Friends Network Internship (Includes Hindi Language Learning)
    • Pioneers wanting to be released to new locations in the Hindu world
    • Local Church Planters
    • Media, Web and Resource development
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Member Care
    • Intercessors

Find out more about M3P:

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